About Me

I am a Personal Trainer,

Online Coach, Qualified Nutritionist and fitness YouTuber with over 10 years experience helping Clients achieve life changing Body Transformations.


Sports have always played a big part of my life, coming from a big sporting family. A big inspiration to me was my Dad. He was always a top class sportsman, from his younger years as a very talented Athlete to playing semi-professional Football. He still has a role in sport to this day as a top football referee.


Growing up I always looked up to my dad as being super strong and athletic and this gave me an urge to train from a young age, I would often sneak into his home gym as a child just to try get muscles like his.


During my School years I kept my love for sports playing locally for football teams, boxing, keeping fit and always getting top grades in PE lessons. As my school years were coming to an end I had a meeting with the school careers officer who asked me what I wanted to do when I left school. Loving sports so much I simply told her my goals were to be a Personal Trainer or a PE Teacher but sadly I was pushed in a different direction as I "needed a Trade" and there was "no money in Personal Training" so leaving school I began to look for a career in the Plumbing industry.


In 2003 I left school and was successful in my first job interview and landed an Apprenticeship in Plumbing with a local Building firm. I worked as a Plumber for Seven years and gained all my plumbing qualifications.

Unfortunately in 2008 I was made redundant when the credit crunch hit.

I then applied to over 100 local plumbing Companies for work but sadly at the time all were in the same situation making people redundant.


In 2009, after giving up hope of finding plumbing work,

I totally changed careers and joined forces helping my Dad with his Home Maintenance & Gardening Business


In 2011 my Life itself and Outlook on life totally changed,

On March 26th 2011, My Brother Taylor, who was also my best friend, my gym partner and the greatest boy to ever live was tragically killed in a car accident.
The pain and hurt my family had to go through and still go through today is indescribable and this is why things had to change,

I decided I would do something with my life because life is far too short!

Too short to have enemies, too short to fall out with loved ones and certainly too short to be stuck in a job I wasnt forfilling my potential in.

This is what took me back to fitness, I Loved helping people and I found that the gym was an amazing place to go to feel good.

 I researched into top Personal Training Qualification boards as I didnt just want to be your bog standard gym floor advisor, I wanted to excel this is when I Discovered WABBA and haven't looked back since.

I studied everyday and night for almost a year and enrolled myself onto the Advanced Diploma In Personal Training Course where I had to learn in depth (and I mean majorly in depth) about how the body works, Advanced training methods, Nutrition and everything fitness related.

Thanks to the amazing team at WABBA I am where I am today!

A fully qualified top level Personal Trainer and Online Coach,

living each day doing something i love.

I make huge positive changes to peoples lives and can honestly say even if i won the Lottery, I'd be doing exactly this (just in my own Super plush gym facility)

Sometimes you need a wake up call...

Your life doesn't get better by chance, it gets better by change!


I would just like to finish by saying a special thank you to all the people who have believed in me over the years, for the people who have been there for me in hard times and loved me endlessly no matter what.
My Family, My Mum, My Dad, My Wife Amy, My Children Olly & Alba,

but most of all My Brother Taylor

who will always be my biggest inspiration and the Angel by my side



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