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"I’ve been working out, more or less consistently, for the past 5 past years. Despite having results, I was never completely please with them. It’s easy to go to the gym, but really hard to keep a good diet to back up all that hard work. I was always hesitant in applying for a personal training program because I knew I couldn’t just quit. Well, today I can say that applying for program with Curtis was one of the best things I’ve done. It kept me motivated, with regular changes in the diet and the training program. Having someone there to back you up is really important so you don’t give up when it becomes hard. I’m in my best condition ever and I’ve learnt the tools to keep me working hard, all thanks to Curtis"

--Luiz Queijo


I was aware of Curtis’ 12-week transformation programme through social media, but since I worked 12hr shifts on a 2-week rotation, had the potential to be re-deployed offshore at short notice, and  also had family commitments I was not sure a ‘routine’ was going to work for me. Nevertheless, I contacted Curtis to discuss the plan, and whether it could work for my lifestyle. 


Having only a basic nutritional knowledge, a fondness of beige foods and sweets, and largely vegetarian diet, I thought I may struggle to meet the calorie requirements of the plan whilst trying to balance the macronutrients. However, I was pleasantly surprised in how quickly I adjusted to the changes. Being accountable for my intake and following a simple process to monitor my calories ensured I made sensible choices, but also gave me the freedom to enjoy treats regularly; it was simply a matter of balance. As I could still enjoy sinful foods on a routine basis, the diet plan was realistic and achievable for me, and most importantly I felt as if this is something I could continue to follow past the 12-week period, thus making it a real lifestyle change as opposed to a fad diet.


Curtis would regularly check in with me to ensure the diet was practical, and that I felt as if my energy levels were sufficient to keep things sustainable. There were a few queries at the start of the programme whilst I adjusted to the changes, and Curtis was very attentive and informative.



I now understand what my maintenance calories are to maintain my current form, so I can be mindful of these going forwards and identify if I am regularly exceeding them (thus on-track to put on weight). Alternatively, I can also choose if I wish to continue with a slight deficit to push for even greater results. This knowledge along with regular exercise and use of other tools from the plan should ensure that I don’t slip into bad habits and can manage my health effectively.


 I would recommend you contact Curtis to discuss your circumstances, and I am sure he can design something which can work for you too.

--Andrew White

--Alex Deakin

"I discovered Curtis High fitness last year on youtube when looking for training videos. after contacting Curtis and discussing my goals he set me up a personalised diet and exercise plan. It was great and based on all foods i like and was simple to follow, the best bit was the fat and weight fell off! I still have a long way to go but after losing 3 stone+ im a new person and motivated to reach my goals! Thanks again bro!"

--Rukam age 33


--Ross Ritchie

"I want to personally recommend Curtis high who i have been training with now for a number of years. He has managed to get me into the best physical shape i have ever been in...at 53, But also he helps with my mental health as well. He takes away all the stress and the strain of thinking what i need to do, i turn up to each session and he tells me exactly what i need. Get in touch with Curtis if you have any goals to do with your body, your shape, your weight and your food and i know Curtis will be the right person for you.

--Nick Phillips, 53

"I have been training myself for 50 odd years, Curtis says he trains people from 30-70 and i think you'll find im not the 30 year old. I have been training with Curtis now for the last 3 and a half years, the man is just a font of knowledge of fitness, nutrition, the whole deal.

he will completly change your life

--Barrington Blythe

"I started with Curtis because i was overweight and very unhappy with my body. After speaking with Curtis and going through a plan that i was confident suited my lifestyle, I was very excited to start. I was very nervous because I was used to forcing myself to eat just 1 meal a day to lose weight, so metally being able to eat foods i liked but still lose was something to get my head around. Needless to say I was amazed with my results in the first 2 weeks and stuck at it! I had a couple of days off plan, nights out, But the results were consistent. my fat has stayed off and im now very happy with my body, i'm the healthiest I have ever been, and very confident with how to manage my food.."

--Anna Howlette 

"When i started i was about 18 stone, blood pressure through the roof, no energy, no motivation and feeling tired all the time. But that has all changed now, i have lost 4 stone, i feel happy, i feel much fitter and so motivated that i actually now look forward to training.

Most importantly Curtis works with me to achieve my goals. I would recommend Curtis to anyone serious about improving their health.

--Wing Lee

"I met Curtis when i was about 16, we used to train together in martial arts and when i started competing Curtis helped me with a very successful weight cut, That was about 10 years ago. 12 weeks ago i messaged curtis again because i was completely out of shape and i wanted to do something about it. I took Part in curtis's 12 week transformation plan and it has been brilliant. He gave me constant support, advice, motivated me and really couldnt do any more. Overall i Lost 2 stone in the 12 weeks, feel great about myself.

--Alex Massey

"When i first contacted Curtis, I honestly thought with my lifestyle i just wouldnt have the time needed to commit to a proper programme. My weight was out of control, mood and energy very low and it was effecting my personal life with quality time with the family. Curtis gave me confidence straight away and explained how a plan could fit around my lifestyle rather than conflict it. not only have i lost weight physically but the whole process has been amazing for my mental health to. i couldnt recommend his services enough. sign up!

--David Hart

In my early 20s I used food as a way of control which had detrimental affects to my health and I ended up fighting for my life weighing just over 4 stone! I was suffering from anorexia and bulimia. During the next few years I worked hard to get my weight on and my life back in order and most importantly find some confidence. I then went on to have a healthy baby boy with my weight at a healthy 9 stone but due to developing chronic fatigue syndrome and a heart condition called POTS I became weak and my weight was hard to maintain.
Thanks to Curtis I have been following a high nutrition diet and gently exercising to maintain muscle and strength and I am getting stronger even though I face many health  obstacles along the way!! It just shows that with hard work and the right mind set you can turn your life around and be alot happier and healthier  

--Emma Riches

"I've always been a gym user and would spend hours in th egym doing cardio never managing to get the results i was looking for, Curtis was able to help me with a great nutrition and exercise program that was shorter and more effective and i've seen more results and changes in a few weeks than i have in years! Thanks Curtis"

--Claire Caswell

"Health and fitness can be a real labyrinth at times but with Curtis's Diet/Fitness plans they are so easy and straight forward. You just follow and do what they say and watch the results! Your body & fitness will become stronger, healthier and of course a better shape."

--Geri Dyer

"I found curtis high on Youtube and discovered he only lived 20 mins away, this is when I got in touch for a diet & exercise plan. When I first met curtis I told him all the diets I had done in the past and that I understood I would never probably reach my goal of having a six pack due to my genetics. This is when curtis set me straight! And I realised it was actually possible. I had a plan done for both diet and exercise and arranged Personal Training once a week. The results speak for themselves (pics attached) 6 months later I have lost 4 stone and finally have the physique I have always wanted. But this is just the start.  Thanks curtis! ."

--Stephan Gibson , Age 25

"Curtis set up and exercise and diet program for me. Was it hard giving up foods such as crisps ice cream chocolates pizza etc? Of course it was, was it worth giving them foods up?? Definitely!!

if you follow the plan that he sets out you will get the results you want. Last year I managed to get my body fat down to 8% and I was ripped, I had never been in that shape in my life, even as a teenager. Basically if you put the effort in you will achieve what you set out to achieve"

--Glen Batty age 28 

"Curtis set me up with a personalised diet and exercise plan based around my goals of fat loss. I stuck to everything curtis said and can honestly say it’s the most fantastic diet I have ever done! Fast results, never felt hungry and enjoyed every meal. I can also say for once in my life I actually enjoyed the exercises too. I would advise anyone looking to get in shape to get yourself a personalised plan from Curtis High."

--Hannah S, age 27 

"I have been following Curtis's Fitness plan now for 12 Weeks, My goals are to stay lean and to gain muscle in my arms and chest, I have really noticed a big change in my strength and can also really notice a change in muscle size. I couldn't have done this without you and would still be doing 3 sets of 10! I really look forward to mixing things up soon when I update my plan and progress further"
--Darren Barnard

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