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BLOG UPDATE: 12/07/16

Happy July everyone!! And a quick apology that it's been months since I last updated my blog! As you are all probably aware I am doing weekly Videos on YouTube lately, video logging my life, training and more so videos have taken over and I have neglected writing! Until now!

So some key updates since I last wrote a blog (incase you're not keeping up with my vids) firstly I am now a dad!!.. Yes a DAD! Amazing is all I can say! It truly is the most wonderful feeling being able to love and hold something you have created and I cannot wait for all the years that are to come! Secondly I have now started a new chapter in my life going freelance with my personal training! It was something I thought long and hard about but the main reasons are to be able to see my boy more, have more time available, weekends free and sensible working hours so we can spend time together as a family as I couldn't bare missing a single moment of his life! The second reason is that I will be a lot more flexible to take clients on giving me lots more time for Personal Training and diet plans for you guys!

So as I just stated, I have tons more free spaces and time slots to take more personal training clients on, so if you would like that extra push whatever your capabilities or goals please don't hesitate to contact me! This can be Gym or Home based! So don't be shy! First 10 will receive discounted rates 

so same goes for my diet/nutrition plans, I will happily personalise a plan to your goals needs and requirements to help you achieve the results you want! Lots of diet options on my website!

So if you have been following my videos you will know as of late my weight has crept up a little, body fat is still reasonably good (not great) but I have certainly filled out a little more! My honest reason is a week of eating rubbish! As well as being a little flexible with the diet! So my goals for the next few weeks are certainly to keep this new found bulk but at the same time trim down this body fat! So I will be doing this by manipulating my diets macros to follow a high carb fat loss program! So watch this space!

this week my tip would be go out and treat yourself!! I have just bought myself a car! I have literally wanted this type of car for years and thought now I'm stable why not! I have been working hard, saving up and feel like I deserved a treat so did it and have had a spring in my step ever since! So my tip is if you have some money saved treat yourself! Treat your partner, treat your child or whoever you want! I guarantee you will feel awesome!

When food adverts boast about "low fat" like its a good thing?! Low fat is not good! Fats are healthy so don't be scared of fats in your foods! Good fats will actually help your body to lose fat! If you want to stop something then stop sugar! 

So the reason I wanted to write this blog is I feel that sometimes I don't express myself to people how I really feel and sometimes writing just helps get it all out!
With that being said I would just like to take the time to thank certain people who have made me a better person! At this current time in my life I am the happiest I have ever been (since losing my bro in 2011) and if Tay was here it would be the happiest I have ever been full stop. I have an amazing wife who I have found out to be an amazing mum too, she has constantly supported all my (sometimes crazy) decisions and backs me through everything, I have an amazing mum who does the same and is now happy starting a new life living with her fantastic partner in a new home by the sea. I have brilliant dad who has literally set me up for life in so many ways that I will never be able to thank enough. I have the best group of friends who I see regularly they all get me and my weirdness and I know they would all do anything for me! I have a fantastic job that I have a true passion for working with a team that help and support me too! And lastly (save the best till last) my amazing boy Oliver! With this little human everyday is a fantastic day, I can't express how much I love this little man and one thing I adore is that I can see bits of my brother in him too which i know is a little gift sent down from above.
Anyways enough of my happiness thank you all for taking the time out of your day to read this I hope you enjoyed!
Until next time ?

FINAL WEEK : Week 15 - 15 Week Shred 2016 - VLOG - Curtis High

Week 14 - 15 Week Shred 2016 - VLOG - Curtis High

Week 13 - 15 Week Shred 2016 - VLOG - Curtis High

Week 12 - 15 Week Shred 2016 - VLOG - Curtis High

Week 11 - 15 Week Shred 2016 - VLOG - Curtis High

Week 10 - 15 Week Shred 2016 - VLOG - Curtis High

Week 9 - 15 Week Shred 2016 - VLOG - Curtis High

Week 8 - 15 Week Shred 2016 - VLOG - Curtis High

Week 7 - 15 Week Shred 2016 - VLOG - Curtis High

Week 6 - 15 Week Shred 2016 - VLOG - Curtis High

Week 5 - 15 Week Shred 2016 - VLOG - Curtis High

Week 4 - 15 Week Shred 2016 - VLOG - Curtis High

Week 3 - 15 Week Shred 2016 - VLOG - Curtis High

Week 2 - 15 Week Shred 2016 - VLOG - Curtis High

Week 1 - 15 Week Shred 2016 - VLOG - Curtis High



Happy 2016 everyone, it seems that a blog update is well overdue! This year I will be aiming to do monthly Blog updates including more Video Blogs too so you can follow my fitness progress and join me along side your own goals for 2016.


Well getting straight to things if you’re wanting my help this year I am now offering 8, 10 & 12 week coaching programs where you have my guidance throughout your whole transformation progress with weekly updates and changes to your programs. I have limited spaces available so if you’re interested please send me an Email: 


If you haven’t seen or heard much of me lately this is probably due to the fact I have been in “Bulking Mode” so not much to update you all on other than I’m getting fat! Lol! No in all seriousness, my bulk has been going fantastic, I am currently the heaviest I have ever been at 16st 4Lb (103.4KG) and 15% Body fat so “fairly” lean although more smooth rather than defined. So my goals for 2016… Again In just 2 weeks time I will be starting to cut again in an attempt to get in better shape than I ever have before. This time things will be different. I am going to be working with a fellow Personal Trainer Darren Dix. The reason for this is I believe having accountability to someone else whilst training is very important to push yourself past your own self-limitations. Sometimes doing your own programs you limit yourself to what you think you can achieve without having a second opinion on what is actually best. This is what I do for my clients, so am going to be taking the same approach.


So as it’s the New Year I know many of you will be somewhat trying to get yourselves in better shape, eat healthier, or genuinely just trying to become a better person, and this is great! Setting goals that have a start and end date are always the ones that are more effective, as they say a goal without a date is just an idea. So with all that being said I just want to make sure you’re on the right track not following any of these popular fad diet, cutting calories dramatically or replacing your meals with some kind of shake or juice! This is certainly not the way to get in shape!


So many of you may already know but if you don’t, my wife Amy and I are expecting our first child this April!! I literally couldn’t be more excited and 25 weeks down I can officially say I’m already super proud of how well Amy is doing! Her bump is growing daily and cant wait to see what the next 104 days hold!! (Yes I’m counting)


This month’s final thought is going to go a little off the fitness track! But I want to make people more aware of others around them. Sometimes we go along day by day in tunnel vision. So worried about minor things that we forget to think of others. Without mentioning names last week I was talking to an older gentleman who I said hello to. Hoping to get away with just a hello this person stopped to tell me about their day. At first I wasn’t very interested and wanted to get on with my own business but I stopped and listened out of politeness. And this is when I was taken back. The more I listened the more this man relaxed and opened up. The conversation got deeper and he told me about his past, how he had lost a daughter at a young age and the struggles him and his family had to cope with when he was my age. When he finished talking he said, “ sorry for taking your time, I haven’t told anyone that story for years.” I left the conversation feeling very privileged that this man had chosen to talk to me and it made me realize how we take things for granted and how very lucky i am to be in my situation, to be healthy and happy with a loving family and close friends. So to not go on too much my task for you this month is just to take 10 minutes of just one day to listen to someone who you usually wouldn’t, even if you don’t get anything out of it, you’ve made one person feel a little better :) 

Week 15 - 15 Week Shred - VLOG - Curtis High

C o m i n g   S o o n  . . . 

Week 14 - 15 Week Shred - VLOG - Curtis High

WEEK 14 VLOG UPDATE"Upping my Water"

Posted by Curtis High Fitness on Thursday, 7 May 2015

Week 13 - 15 Week Shred - VLOG - Curtis High

WEEK 13 VLOG UPDATE"Centerparcs"

Posted by Curtis High Fitness on Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Week 12 - 15 Week Shred - VLOG - Curtis High


Posted by Curtis High Fitness on Sunday, 26 April 2015

Week 11 - 15 Week Shred - VLOG - Curtis High

Week 11 VLOG update!Grand national Day

Posted by Curtis High Fitness on Saturday, 11 April 2015

Week 10 - 15 Week Shred - VLOG - Curtis High

Week 10 VLOG update!Cold & windy LISS!

Posted by Curtis High Fitness on Thursday, 2 April 2015

Week 9 - 15 Week Shred - VLOG - Curtis High

Week 9 VLOG updateBack on track

Posted by Curtis High Fitness on Sunday, 29 March 2015

Week 8 - 15 Week Shred - VLOG - Curtis High

Week 8 VLOG update!Breakfast routine!

Posted by Curtis High Fitness on Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Week 7 - 15 Week Shred - VLOG - Curtis High

WEEK 7 Vlog Update! (Not week 8 sorry) haha

Posted by Curtis High Fitness on Saturday, 14 March 2015

Week 6 - 15 Week Shred - VLOG - Curtis High

WEEK 6 - VLOG Update Get out and do it! :)

Posted by Curtis High Fitness on Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Week 5 - 15 Week Shred - VLOG - Curtis High

Week 4 - 15 Week Shred - VLOG - Curtis High

Week 3 - 15 Week Shred - VLOG - Curtis High

Week 2 - 15 Week Shred - VLOG - Curtis High

Week 1 - 15 Week Shred - VLOG - Curtis High

I’m hoping everyone is having a lovely November! Not long now until Christmas!!  Time for my "monthly" update!


I Still have gift vouchers available on these are a perfect Christmas gift for anyone, and can help give them the push they need to get in shape, start exercise or generally feel better about themselves. If you’re interested in these send me an I’m offering £5, £10. £20, £30 & £45 vouchers.


Yes, the date for next year’s Bodypower 2014 has been announced and will be the weekend of 16th may – 18th May. I attended last year’s event and thought it was awesome! This year I will be going again and possibly taking a team too! J


I am currently in what’s called the ‘Bulking Phase’ of my year! This consists of me pretty much eating as I please In order to gain size! However due to my heavy Power/building gym programme I’m hoping most of this size will be muscle! And I have already gained 10lbs but the six pack is slowly fading and m not liking it! Lol.

My goals for next year are to get in the best shape of my life ready for Bodypower expo! As this is a fantastic event with many fitness opportunities! Last year I intended to get in great shape! But sadly due to a holiday the weeks before the event it was impossible to maintain! BUT this time! I have no hold backs! I have created the most amazing diet and exercise plan consisting of a scientific schedule to get me in ultimate shape, using industry expert methods! IF you are interested in going to body power and want to be in the best shape possible this 15 week 4-phase plan is the one for you! I have already had many interested! Including people competing in the body building event! So you will certainly not be disappointed!


Many of you are now undertaking a herbalife diet! I am actually a Herbalife distributer so can personalise Hebalife products around a professional diet to get you even better results! My opinion is Herbalife is a good starting point for a beginner! However I do know much better products and diet plans.


Its only 6 weeks!!!!!! Until Christmas!! Well actually 6 weeks today will be Boxing Day!
In 6 weeks I have had clients lose from 8lbs to 2.5 stone!!! And this could be you!
For both a Personalised Diet & Exercise Plan its just £45 with guaranteed results!

So yes get in touch ASAP!!


As its now getting dark and I’m not keen on the thought of people running alone in the dark I’m thinking of putting together a ‘ Legs Bums & Tums class for the winter period!
But obviously only want to do it if people are genuinely interested! So if you are comment below! Was thinking maybe a Thurs or Friday between 8-9?? If not let me know what times are best for you! If we have enough people interested I’ll put something together!


This month’s final thought is again going to be about Fad diets!

Simply because being a health and fitness enforcer I think it’s my duty to give you the best advice possible! The ‘Cambridge Diet’, ‘Atkins Diet’, ‘Weight watchers’, ‘Slimming world’ are just some that I have done so many big assignments on and all these fad diets without going all scientific are awful and are not healthy for your body!!

Yes there are people on them getting so called great results as they are ‘losing weight’ but what needs to be looked at is what weight are you losing? How good are you feeling and what is actually happening to your body. All of the above diets will get you losing 80-90% water weight to 10-20% fat. Most will get you feeling like crap on terrible diets and all of them dramatically lower your metabolism. You will find once you stop the diet due to being dehydrated you will put weight back on as every 1lb of food you eat will add 3-4lbs of water to it!! When you diet correctly and lose fat instead of water once you stop the fat is gone! So you won’t gain the weight back on unless you obviously eat unhealthy fatty foods again!

Remember get in touch if you want me to help you with ANY fitness goals you have.




Firstly Happy New Year! This is my first blog of 2014 so thanks for reading!


The New Year is a great time for people to re-assess their goals and set out how they want their year to be, so I hope you have some fantastic goals set and are dedicated to achieving them! If I could give you some advice it would be to set small realistic goals, keep reaching them and setting more!!


As stated in My Last blog BodyPower is my Goal!! On the 26th of January I start my 15week super intense ripping up plan! Where I will be Video blogging weekly my results, and Progress on route to BodyPower so keep following on my website BLOG and YouTube.


As always I am here to help you with any fitness goals you have! I am obviously super busy with all the New Year’s resolution-ers but never too busy and can always fit you in!! So just get in touch now as there is no time like the present and let’s get in shape!


Many of you are now undertaking a herbalife diet! As I stated in the last Blog I am actually a Herbalife distributer so can personalise Hebalife products around a professional diet to get you even better results! My opinion is Herbalife is a good starting point for a beginner! However the plans they provide are really badly written so let me sort that bit for you!


My YouTube Channel will be updated more regularly this year! I will be posting weekly my progress towards BodyPower Expo! As well as new exercise routines etc for you to follow.


I’m still very keen to start putting together some classes to help you all get in shape together. My thoughts are Legs Bums and Tums class?? Cardio Abs class?? Circuit Training?? Let me know and I will start the most popular choice


This month’s final thought is going to be about FAT LOSS! Simply because I am hearing lots of people talking about WEIGHT LOSS where weight simply shouldn’t matter! It’s all about losing the fat!! 1 thing to remember is your body can lose 4lbs of fat in a week! When you hear people have lost 10lbs etc 4lbs MAX of that will be fat so the rest will either be water or muscle loss! To lose fat efficiently
you must do things right! NOT STARVE yourself, NOT SKIP MEALS, And NOT CUT CARBS!
For more details get in touch and book yourself in for a plan!


Remember get in touch if you want me to help you with ANY fitness goals you have.


Hi time for my "monthly" update! that is 5 months over due! been so busy with clients as well as my own training that i haven't had time to update so apologies


ok to sum up the last 5 months in one paragraph, I am still offering my Personal Training services, Diet plans and exercise programmes with plenty of spaces open if you want one! I have had some awesome feed back from clients that started my plans in March who are now hitting the 6 STONE mark in weight loss!!! I have been testing brand new dieting methods from fitness experts and combining with my own studies for ultimate gains! and most importantly Me and my perfect Fiancé Amy are all Booked and set to be getting married in AUG 2014 at an amazing venue :)

right... I am now going to doing Fitness Gift Vouchers!!! these are a perfect Christmas gift for anyone, and can help give them the push they need to get in shape, start exercise or generally feel better about themselves. If your interested in these send me an E-mail :

I have had so many people say to me that they didn't realise i had a fitness page on facebook i thought i would share this with you! here i post loads of free tips, advice and fitness offers so please "LIKE" to ensure you don't miss any!


Again due to being super busy, i have neglected my youtube channel a bit too! so i will be uploading some great new videos soon so make sure you "SUBSCRIBE" and stay updated!


as posted on my instagram this week, I have been asked by loads of people about Fat burners, and although i have done lots of studies on these and know a lot about them, i have never actually taken them! Until Now! for the next 4 weeks i will be trying True Performance Nutrition's brand of fat burners "RIPPED" & "CLA" I have now been taking a few days, I have already pre-recorded my "Before" video and will update in 4 weeks showing my unbiased results so again stay tuned! I am currently 10.2% Body Fat.


I posted about this on my Facebook page this week as it really is annoying how much i hear " I want to burn my fat off so im going spinning" Spinning is a great form of exercise and i advise anyone to give it a go if your looking to get fit! but with regards to fat loss spinning is by no means the best way or the easiest! yes you can lose fat from spinning, but the weight your losing will mostly be water weight through sweat. and like i said on my post "Spinning to lose fat is like swimming the channel to get wet" there are much easier faster ways to do it properly! and yes i can help you with this No Problem!!


as i mentioned early on this year when it was getting dark at 5pm, as much as i admire peoples efforts, i really do hate seeing young girls or women running alone at night! so i am going to be looking at putting a few fitness groups together, to either "get fit" or "burn fat" so we can do it in a big group that is safe, i will update you nearer the time on this but let me know if your interested so i know if it is worth doing.


Breaking Bad!!! I have just finished watching The series Breaking Bad and strongly recommend it to anyone!! the Characters are awesome, actors are amazing and such an ace story line! gutted its over but very satisfied!! now waiting on Dexter season 8!! :)


I am going to base this one on Protein shakes! as i get questions every single day asking..What protein shake will make me lose weight? What Protein shake will help me build Muscle? and im also always seeing young lads new to the gym who after every exercise start sipping on a protein shake like its going to magically grow their muscles every set! the truth is there isn't a protein you can take to build you up, make you lose weight or give you any other miracle effect! these are Supplements! and by that it means you have have a good diet in place to begin with to supplement it! if your honestly relying on a shake to get you these gains, my advice to you now is STOP, save yourself a ton of money. however if you do have a great diet in place where you are eating the correct Carbs , Proteins and Fats to make up your required calories to reach whatever goal you may have, then yes by supplementing some of these meals with shakes can be a cost effective and easier way to hit your required calorie needs. I hope that makes sense and saves some of you some money! :)

Remember get in touch if you want me to help you with ANY fitness goals you have.



Hi time for my monthly update! Replaced last months with my Videos leading up to Body Power Expo if you haven’t seen them already check them out on my Blog
Me and my training partner/Cousin Laurie headed down to Birmingham NEC for this year’s Body Power Expo, and wow what an eye opener! So many people in such amazing shape it really gave me a huge inspiration to push myself that little bit harder. If you followed my 6 week transformation on YouTube, I was trying to get in the best shape I could for this event! This was a little held back due to my holiday in Turkey but still I was in ok shape! Met some great fitness icons and also entered a few competitions which were fun! Body power Expo 2013 Video to follow so stay tuned!

I have now set up an easy way to donate to my Brothers Memorial fund! Simply click on this link
and it will take you to my website where you can read a little about the fund
and donate if you wish to!
For all who ‘Like’ My Curtis High Fitness page on Facebook (
I said I was going to do a free fitness GIVEAWAY once I reached 500 Likes, well, I reached 500 and randomly selected 5 people to receive gifts! And will be doing more at each milestone I reach! So get sharing and liking

Ok, as I mentioned recently I had some awesome news to share with everyone regarding Curtis High Fitness. Well after a few weeks of keeping quiet I can now announce that I am currently being employed by one of the world’s largest movie studios PARAMOUNT PICTURES to train Hollywood actor REECE RITCHIE for his major role in the new HERCULES MOVIE starring, Dwayne ‘THE ROCK’ Johnson. It has been an absolute honour to train alongside Reece and I can’t wait to see his final results when the movie is released in 2014. It will also be very exciting to see my name on the credits

I am just back from my holiday in Turkey and after 6 weeks of dieting I will now be on 2 weeks of eating what I like! This does mean I will be training twice as hard to keep off the fat! But like I say to all my clients, set yourself small reachable goals! When you do this you have something reachable to aim at and get great achievement by reaching them and can then set the next goal. I finished my six weeks will now have 2 weeks off then back on it again!!! J
I am also still available for Personal Training, Nutritional Advice, Diet
planning, Programme writing and more so if you are looking to get in shape or whatever your goal get in touch :)

I will also be posting a series of workout videos on my YouTube channel that require no gym, weights or equipment, so there is no excuse for you not to be able to follow at home and get yourselves in great shape for the summer!

Week 5 Update (in Turkey)

Week 4 Update

Week 3 Update & Back routine

Week 1 Update & Chest Routine

Introduction to my MusclePharm Stack & bodypower Expo

Hey time for my monthly update, the 1st of 2013! Sorry for the delay but have been super busy with my personal training!
When i make new years resolutions i never fail to complete them! Otherwise it would be called a new years 2week hobby, and this year iv decided to make 3! The first was to read a book, for most this is a rubbish res...olution as you probably read loads but for me (other than fitness mags/studies) i dont actually ever read books and haven't since school even then i get so bored! But i can now tick this off my list as have read "i am number four" and never thought id say this but the books even better than the film! And im now on book 2! Lol. My second resolution is to visit all my passed loved ones memorial spots at least once a month just to pay my respects as i love my family endlessly especially tay! And my 3rd resolution is to do something amazing in memory of taylor! Im very thankful to everyone who fund raises and donates to my brothers fund the "Taylor High Memorial Fund" the fund is amazing! it helps so many people, and every single penny you donate is given away to help others! And although i have donated many times i feel that this year i should do something! Something really hard almost impossible like a week of super iron man challenges (marathons, skydives, climbs, swims whatever i can think off!) but i want to try raise as much as i can to help others! I think however hard something is or whatever pain im going through whilst doing it will be nothing compared to the pain iv already felt losing my bro! So you heard it here first!! I will do some super challenge to raise money for tays fund!
I think every blog iv ever written has mentioned im getting vests! Well finally they are complete!!!! I now have 15 different styles of vests male and female and will be looking for people who follow my routines and are in great shape to model them for me on my website! (Thats being made) so if your interested then please contact me! I will be choosing my favs soon!
For those that dont know Scott Herman, Scott is probably the worlds biggest personal trainer on Youtube with some videos hitting the 10million views mark! This week in this sundays update he gives me a very special shout out which was great! Click this link to view:-
One of the reasons i got into personal training was to help others achieve their fitness goals! And it gives me great pleasure to announce that this year already! (Bearing in mind were just in the 1st week of february)  I'm having clients with amazing results! The top ones losing from 7lbs to a stone and a half!! This could be you! So my offers still stand get in touch for this week!!
I have been without a laptop for about a month now and will be getting one asap so expect to see some new updated videos! Im going to try target some male and female home workouts for you all to try! And i may even have a female assistant in the vids too! I have also been training very hard myself an now hitting my own diet again to get maximum results! So new pics will be up in 6weeks or so! :)
One last thing to add as a bit of advice for all who do train, if its in gyms or at home and that is to do a full ROM! (Range of motion) this week alone im counting 90% of people do half reps! Even quarter reps! If your wanting maximum results you need to be going from just short of full extension (keeping tension) to fully contracted! For each muscle! Its hard to explain but i will post videos on it soon! Lol just hate seeing it lol
Anyways thanks for reading this essay! Hope i have inspired you to make some positive changes! :)

 Hey time for my monthly update,

As many of you may know i just train to keep in good shape as believe you should practice what you preach, I like to push myself pretty hard just to see what i can achieve but never really have an end goal. For the 1st time since i have began fitness i now have a goal and that is to get in the best shape of my life for BodyPower Expo 2013. This is the biggest fitness expo in the UK, with some great opportunities to make a big name in the industry. I am teaming up with MUSCLEPHARM and will be using their products from now until the event! and will hopefully have some great results that i can share! so make sure you keep posted on my progress!
 Thanks to everyone who has already purchased a Curtis High Fitness Vest! im looking forward to seeing some transformation pics with people in them! If you would like to order a vest! contact me or check out my website
 As i have stated before, one of the reasons i got into personal training was to help others achieve their fitness goals! having started properly this year I am now almost at my 100th client, and its awesome to see the transformations people are getting from my plans, diets and advise! so thanks for giving me the motivation and inspiration to carry on doing what i am! If any of you would like to give me a testimonial, about the results you have got please email me and i will feature them on my website.

 Although its absolutely freezing outside! summer is soon approaching! and Now (with only 9 weeks until June) is the perfect time to start getting yourself in shape for summer!

feel free to contact me anytime if you would like any help with getting in shape, toning up, losing weight or even gaining muscle mass I can help you with any goals you have :)

and remember check out my website

Thanks for reading



Have additional questions? Contact me.

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